Gas Chromatograph‘s

GC-2014 Fast refinery gas analyzer for detection of H2, O2,N2, CH4,CO,CO2,C2H4, C2H6, C2H2, H2S, C3H8, C3H6, i-C4H10, n-C4H10, C3H4, C2H2, t-C4H8, 1-C4H8, iC4H8, cis-C4H8,i-C5H12, n-C5H12, 1,3-C4H6, C3H4, C6+. Contains two TCD and one FID detectors.

GC-2014 CAP FID gas analyzer for larger hydrocarbons.

EnergyLab XM

Potentiostat/Galvanostat, 1MS/s maximum data acquisition rate, DC and EIS with FRA, 2A booster with 4 additional Aux channels


Keithley 2460

Hi Current Digital SourceMeter

Power Supply

Keysight N5752A/903

DC Power Supply 600V, 1.3A, 780W

Ultrasonic Spray Machine

ExactaCoat OP3

Compact benchtop design with 420mm x 480mm range of motion. Includes all ultrasonic controls, ultrasonic generator, PC, trigger timing circuitry, ultrasonic nozzle assembly.

Laboratory Extruder

Small-batch De-airing Extruder System

Total material volume, less hopper (full) = ~160ml

Residual volume after extruding (waste) = ~35ml

Extended vacuum chamber

Tape Caster

Large Automatic Film Coater with 12″W x 24″L Vacuum Chuck and 250mm Adjustable Doctor Blade

Dip Coater

Dip Coater (1-200 mm/min) with Drying Oven up to 100°C

Dry Press

3T Max. Manual Mechanical Press


200°C Max. – Glovebox Compatible 6T Hydraulic Lamination Hot Press (12×12 cm area) with Temp. Controller

Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen gas generator utilizing Proton PEM caustic free electrolysis technology to produce gas up to 600 cc/ min @ 45 to 116 psig (3 to 8 barg) and 99.9995% purity.

Vacuum Mixer

Compact Vacuum Mixer w/ Pump & Vibration Stage & Two Containers (150 & 500ml)

Convection Oven

NTRL Certified 30L Convection Drying Oven (13″x12″x12″, 250°C) with Digital Temperature Controller

Horizontal Split Tube Furnace

UL Standard 1200°C Compact Split Tube Furnace with Vacuum Flanges & 2″ Tube


1200°C Small Box Furnace (6″x6″x7″, 4.2 liter) with Programmable Controller


Electrically heated muffle furnace with lift door, Inner dimensions (wxdxh): 230 x 240 x 170 mm, Max. operating temperature: 1300 °C


Electrically heated high-temperature furnace, Inner dimensions (wxdxh): 150 x 300 x 150 mm, Max. operating temperature: 1600 °C

Ultrasonic Cleaner

NRTL Certified Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer 5000 mL